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Find out about plastics - #FOAP by Herwig Juster

Hello and welcome to Find out about Plastics, Polymer Engineering, and Leadership! If you want to grow your practical knowledge in polymer engineering and leadership, you’re in the right place. My aim with this blog is to train you how to succeed in the world of polymer engineering and plastics industry– whether that be through blogging, publications, coaching or something else altogether.
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  • The Plastics Industry & Why Plastics Are The Solution, Not The Problem
The Plastics Industry – How Is It Organized & What Are The Key Success Factors
  • Polymeric Material Selection
Polymeric Material Selection: A Critical Factor In Making Successful Plastics Parts
 “Data is the new plastic” - Data algorithms in ….. Plastic Materials Selection
5 Tips For Choosing The Optimal Polymer Resin Supplier
Material Selection Guide based on Mechanical Properties
Property Ranking of Thermoplastics [Infographic]
Material Selection Considerations for Electric Vehicles (EV’s) - Thermal Management Systems
Sustainable Materials - Comparing the Melt Energy of High Performance Polyamides vs. Metals

  • Engineering and High Performance Polymers and Design Properties for Plastics Engineering
The Secret of High Performance Polymers: Why They Can Handle High Heat and Harsh Chemicals?
Introduction to the World of High Performance Polymers [Youtube training video; German]
High performance polymers used in children buggies
Fluoropolymers As Enabler For Megatrends: From Resource Efficiency To Digitalization
10 Fluoropolymer Facts for Designers & Engineers
Design Properties for Engineers: HDT @ 1.8 MPa Values for High Performance Polymers
Creep Strength and Toughness of High Performance Plastics
High Performance Polymers: Suitable for Low Temperatures?
Design Properties for Engineers: Weldline Strength of High Performance Polymers
Design Properties for Engineers: Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (CLTE) of High Performance Polymers
Design Properties for Engineers: Chemical Resistance of High Performance Polymers
High Heat Plastics (HHP) Demystified incl. Cheat Sheet
Design Properties for Engineers: Tensile Properties of High Performance Polymers
Design Properties for Engineers: Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) of High Performance Polymers
Design Properties for Engineers: Flexural Properties of High Performance Polymers

Regulatory Affairs for Plastics - Automotive (Part 4)

  • Review of key engineering plastics (incl.Youtube Video):
Polyamide 6 and Polyamide 6.6

  • High Performance Polymers in Electrification: A Must-Have Or A Nice-To-Have
Part 1: Batteries
Part 2: Traction Motors
Part 3: Autonomous Driving
  • Polymer Solutions for Electric Mobility (E-Mobility)

  • Rule of Thumbs in Polymer Engineering 

  • Injection Moulding Troubleshooting and Processing (training videos)
Burnt marks / Diesel effect
  • How to read thermoplastic technical datasheets (TDS) - training videos
Part 1: Physical properties and Mechanical properties
Part 2: Impact properties and Thermal properties
Part 3: Flame properties and Processing conditions (Injection Molding)

Part 3: identify plastic compounds with IR-spectroscopy
  • Plastics Additives - a concise introduction
  • Injection moulding and tooling: This post shows a method on how to speed up the injection mould quotation process by using the following formula:
Filling simulation + Pareto principal = Successful quoting process
Here is the link incl. video
  • For getting practical knowledge about leadership in engineering environments I recommend my leadership series:
Leadership in Engineering - Part 1: Required skills 
Leadership in Engineering - Part 2: Working Principles
Leadership in Engineering - Part 3: Systems theory & compensatory feedback effect
Plastics Industry – The 6 Strategic Principles For Business Leaders
  • One of my favorite topics and absolut essential nowadays: the plastics industry in times of the New Economy (Digital Plastics Industry):
The Rise of B2B Platforms in Plastics Industry: Which One Will Dominate the Market?
Second Wave of Digitalization: From Plastics Machine Manufacturer to Platform Provider?
Polymer Chemistry meets A.I. – Finding and Developing New Polymers with Target Properties in the 21st Century
“Data is the new plastic” - Data Algorithms in….Plastics Injection Moulding
"Data is the new plastic" - Data Algorithms in ....Plastic Materials Selection
European (Plastics) Industry and its struggle with Industry 4.0
Plastics Industry: Level up your Digital Game! – 5 Ideas to get your Digital Plastics Revolution started (Digital Plastics Revolution Series – Impactor 1)
Why the New Economy reshapes the plastics industry and what you need to know for helping reshaping it too!
Cyber physical production systems (CPPS) in plastics industry - Part I: A general overview
Cyber physical production systems (CPPS) in plastics industry - Part II: How injection moulding machine manufacturer will change polymer processing
Digital Leadership in the Plastics Industry – A chance to speed up innovation?
  • HDPE plastic bag degradation experiment 
HDPE Plastic Bag Degradation - Start of the experiment 2021
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