Sunday 24 January 2021

Design Properties for Engineers: Fuel and Oil Resistance of High Performance Polymers

 In this blog post, we discuss the influence of fuels and oils on different high performance polymers.

Generally, plastics show a good resistance towards fuels (Diesel and Gasoline), oils and greases. Especially, applications used in air- and spacecraft need to be resistant towards aggressive lubricants such as turbine oil and hydraulic oil.

Among the high performance polymers, PEEK, PAI, and PI are often used for applications in air- and spacecraft. If polymers such as PEEK, PAI and PI are exposed to hydraulic oil (for example Skydrol) for a long time (1000 hours), then no significant reduction of mechanical properties could be seen [1].  Tensile strength properties were reduced below 5% in comparison to their initial value. PAI and PI keep their properties nearly on the initial level (tested at a temperature of 120°C). PEEK, PAI, and PI are also resistant towards turbine oils.

Below an overview of the resistance of different high performance polymers towards fuels, oils and greases is shown.

Fuel and Oil Resistance of High Performance Polymers

Checking your application for the need of  fuel, oil and greases resistance already during material selection will decrease chances of plastics part failure at a later stage. 

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