Monday 28 December 2015

Most viewed blog posts in 2015

In this blog post I will share with you some analytical info of this blog. The basic research question is: Which were the 3 most viewed blog posts of 2015 on Juster-3PO?

You can watch now below the results and a short summary with key take aways:

Let's get started with 3rd place:

3rd place

In this post I showed the most important required skills for being a leader in your field and take over responsibilities.

Key takeaways:
4 major skills are necessary to build a leading environment:
  1. Delegating tasks
  2. Motivating your people
  3. Figuring out the values of people
  4. Training your communication

2nd place:

In this post I compared the electric cars BMW i3 and Tesla model S regarding their technology, design and all-over conception strategies.

Key takeaways:

1) Battery system: Tesla uses normal notebook cell type batteries and holds the patents on how to build up battery systems consisting of more than 5000 cells. BMW started a partnership with Samsung SDI to develop its own batteries which made BMW a function of Samsung and their decisions.

2) All-electric car vs. semi-electric car: the Tesla model S has one electric engine and can be considered to be an all-electric car. The BMW i3 has an electrical engine and in addition, a 34 PS Otto- combustion engine that generates additional battery power. Dual systems always result in additional space consumption and maintenance work.

3) Technology innovations: One innovation at a time. Tesla's innovation in the model S was the the central positioned computer system (batteries and engine were already introduced in the previous models), whereas the i3 uses a new engine, battery system, and a carbon-fibre reinforced plastics structure (CFRP) for the whole body. These are nice things but contain the risk of overloading both: the customer and the manufacturer itself.

1st place:

In this post I presented the essential beliefs of Walt Disney in the light of “What can we learn from them that improves our leading skills?” 
Key takeaways:
  1. You have to trust yourself, especially when no one is doing so!
  2. You have to take risks!
  3. You have to see leadership as a source of inspiration, innovation and focus!
  4. You need to sell yourself!
  5. You have to change your thinking about failure!
  6. You must see indestructibleness as your best friend!
  7. You have to improve yourself a life long!

Thank you for following and reading! Stay tuned for fresh knowledge! In 2016 I will continue with topics around technology and innovation in polymer plastics industry, investigating topics in the leadership fields and try out new things like a facebook page which can support this blog.