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Failures arising from incorrect material selection and grade selection are persisting problems in different industries.

There are almost 100 generic “families” of plastics and 1,000 sub-generic plastic types, available at over 500 suppliers.

The end users are responsible to select the right polymer for the right purpose.

I will show you how to select polymers in a systematic way using my polymer selection funnel method.

We will go over the entire selection process, from how to establish part requirements, gather material data, rank different polymers all the way to how to select a vendor after selecting the polymer.

We will cover:
-How to prevent plastic part failure
-How to outline product requirements
-How to define material selection factors
-How to search for proper material data
-How to create a decision matrix and weighting different polymers
-How to set up prototype and part testing
-How to select the optimal polymer material
-How to select the optimal material vendor

The full curriculum is available here.

In a few hours, you will learn everything you need to select the optimal polymer material for your project, save thousands of dollars by preventing part failure, and have fun in the process.

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Currently, it is challenging to find the optimal polymers for electric car applications.

This cannot remain unsolved, thus I took this as a motivation to create a new online course: 

Polymer Material Selection For Electric Vehicles (xEVs)

All you ever wanted to know about polymer material selection for applications in EVs!

In this course we will cover: 
-The importance of proper material selection
-Main EV architectures
-Material requirements, technologies and applications
-The use of commodity polymers, engineering polymers, and high performance polymers for EV applications
-How to compare different materials and applications 

The full curriculum is available here.

Furthermore, we will discuss suitable materials from all major plastic material suppliers. 

In a few hours you will learn everything you need to know to select the optimal polymer material for your electrification project.

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