Monday 18 July 2016

My top 5 favorite apps for polymer engineering operations (incl. video)

Our mobile phones became an essential tool of our daily lives. This is true for polymer engineering operations as well. Selection of the right polymer for a certain application, troubleshooting in injection moulding, or simple polymer engineering calculations can nowadays be effectively supported by existing mobile phone apps.

This post will give you an overview of the apps I currently use on a daily business basis. I made a video, which supports this post in a more dynamic manner.
Following are my top 5 favorite apps:

  1. ENGEL e-calc: for all kind of calculations in injection moulding >> link to app

  2. WIBA Assist: good troubleshooting, material and calculations in injection moulding >> link to app

  3. PSG – Plastics Service Group: injection moulding problems and possible remedies
  4. Kunststoff Institute L├╝denscheid: surface defect guide >> link to app

  5. FIMMTech: good for design of experiments >> link to app

All five are linked to the Google play store.

Let’s check out the video:

Do you know another great App for plastics processors?

 Please let me know!

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