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Styrene family

ABS: good impact performance combined with chemical resistance, and it is very easy to process due to its low melting temperature. It is used for LEGO bricks and many automotive applications, especially if they need to have metallized surfaces. 

ASA: excellent weather and UV resistance making it a great choice for exterior applications. 

AES: excellent weather resistance with low temperature resistance as well, together with high impact and UV resistance. 


PC/ASA: great temperature stability, together with high UV resistance and can withstand cold temperatures without cracking. 

PC/AES: combining the strength, toughness, and heat resistance of Polycarbonate with the stress cracking and weather resistance of AES. Suitable for outdoor applications, building materials, and automotive components. 

PC/ABS: heat and impact resistance of PC combined with the process ability of ABS.

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Extract portfolio of our partner EnCom Polymers

Name Polymer Melt flow Additives Applications TDS
EnCore 0105 ABS 0.6 Medium Impact Modified Automotive, Material Handling, Building & Construction Link to TDS
EnPact 0109 AES 1 / Meets TSM5523G-1, Applications Requiring UV Resistance and Impact Resistance Link to TDS
EnVoy 0503 ASA 5 / Automotive, Industrial, Lawn & Garden Link to TDS
Evolve ABS-0503 ABS 5 General Purpose ABS with up to 100% sustainable feedstock General Purpose Link to TDS
Evolve ASA-0503 ASA 5-12 Injection Grade ASA with up to 100% sustainable feedstock Automotive, Industrial, Lawn and Garden Link to TDS
EnVoy 2506UR PC/ASA 22 Injection moulding grade Used in applications requiring UV and chemical resistance Link to TDS
EnVelop 1812 PC/AES / Injection moulding grade Automotive Exterior and Interior, Consumer and General Industries Link to TDS
EnValoy F0PCABS PC/ABS 18 Flame Retardant, UV Stabilized Injection Grade Alloy Appliance, Tool and Equipment, Electrical Components Link to TDS

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