Thursday 5 October 2023

Design Properties for Engineers: Ionic Contamination of High Performance Polymers

Hello and welcome back to another post on design properties for polymer engineers. Today we discuss the ionic contamination of high performance polymers. I hope this data set supports you in case it is needed during your next polymer material selection project. More plastics design data can be found in my “start here” section.

Why is ionic contamination of plastics  important to know?

Imagine you would like to use plastics in high purity applications found in industries such as the semiconductor or photovoltaic industry. Also high levels of purity play a key role in the bio-, pharma-, and medical device industry. In particular, ions which leach out can cause due to their electrical loading a contamination of high purity processes. 

In Table 1 ionic concentration of selected high performance polymers can be found. In order to obtain the concentration, material samples were burned and the remaining ashes were checked regarding ions. In general, the selected polymers show low levels of contamination. PEEK shows a very low ionic contamination. Polyimides show higher values only at certain ions. 

Table 1: ionic concentration of selected high performance polymers [1]. 

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Herwig Juster

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[2] SAECHTLING KUNSTSTOFF TASCHENBUCH, Auflage: 31. Ausgabe Baur, Brinkmann, Osswald, Rudolph, Schmachtenberg

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