Wednesday 4 October 2023

Design Properties for Engineers: Outgassing Behavior of High Performance Polymers

Hello and welcome back to another post on design properties for polymer engineers. Today we discuss the outgassing behaviour of high performance polymers in order to support you in your next polymer material selection project. More plastics design data can be found in my “start here” section.

Outgassing behaviour - total mass loss (TML)

In general, the outgassing behaviour of polymers is estimated by the total mass loss (TML) and the collected volatile condensed material (CVCM). Accepted values regarding high end applications (for example applications operating in vacuum) are for TML below 1% and for CVCM below 0.01%.

Table 1 shows the outgassing behaviour of high performance polymers. For Polyimides, TML values are ranging above 1% since they are hygroscopic polymers. However, looking at the CVCM values of Polyimides, it can be stated that they are in the same range as other high performance polymers (except PBI).  Nevertheless, Polyimides are suitable materials for applications operating in vacuum and proper drying must be ensured before application. Polyimides show excellent tribological properties for dynamic vacuum applications. 

Table 1: outgassing behaviour of high performance polymers (TML and CVCM) [1].

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