Monday 20 September 2021

Design Properties for Engineers: UL RTI vs HDT of Commodity, Engineering and High Performance Polymers

In this blog post, we compare the long-term thermal properties (based on UL RTI 746B) to the short-term properties (based on the Heat Deflection Temperature, HDT @ 1.8 MPa).

The figure below shows the comparison of the long-term and short-term thermal data. This allows designers to immediately assess the suitability of a selected polymer in terms of continuous heat exposure as well as short-term heat impact. Furthermore, alternative polymers can be selected too.

UL RTI vs. HDT (1.8 MPa):Long-Term vs. Short-Term Thermal Properties of Thermoplastics

I made a YT video which shades light into this topic in more detail:

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[1] UL Prospector – 746B

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