Wednesday 18 March 2020

Design Properties for Engineers: HDT @ 1.8 MPa Values for High Performance Polymers

Today I present to you in this blog post the HDT @1.8 MPa values of high performance polymers.

Heat Deflection Temperature or Heat Distorsion Temperature (HDT) is estimated by using the ASTM D 648, which is equivalent to the ISO 75.
In general, the temperature at which a polymer test bar bends 0.25 mm under a given load is called HDT. For predicting the maximum service temperature of parts which are exposed to high mechanical loads, the HDT @ 1.8 MPa is used. There is also HDT @ 0.46 MPa.

As a design engineer, the HDT chart shown below helps you to estimate the service temperature a given high performance polymer can withstand. It is an estimation and cannot predict the final part performance. Impact factors such as speed of temperature increase or part design itself can change the allover part performance.

Figure 1: HDT @ 1.8 MPa Values for High Performance Polymers

I hope you found this information useful and can support you in your next design decision with high performance plastics.
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