Sunday 11 April 2021

Design Properties for Engineers – Residence Times of High Performance Polymers (Injection Moulding)

Hello and welcome to a new post. Today we discuss the topic of melt residence times of high performance polymers in injection moulding.

In a previous blog post, I presented already a practical way to estimate the residence time and the online calculation tool can be found here.

Often comes the following question: I have calculated the residence time of the melt in my injection moulding machine. And now what should I do with this value? To what should this value be compared to?

One answer to this question is that generally, if your estimated shot size is between 30% and 60% of the plasticizing barrel capacity, the residence time will be in an acceptable range.

The other answer is that one needs to know the recommended and maximal residence time before thermal degradation of the resin takes place. These recommendations can be often found in the processing guides of the polymer manufacturers.

The figure below shows the recommended and maximal residence time of selected high performance polymers for injection moulding. 

Recommended and maximal residence time of selected high performance polymers for injection moulding

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