Tuesday 23 August 2022

Plastic Multipoint Design Data: Specific Heat Capacity as a function of Temperature

Hello and welcome to a new blog post. Today I will show you another set of multipoint design data: specific heat capacity as a function of temperature. 

In a previous post I presented to you the Global Warming Potential (GWP) as a function of the heat capacity. However, the heat capacity values were limited to one temperature only (20°C). 

Increasing the temperature of a polymer by a dT at constant pressure is the result of a specific amount of heat supplied to the system. This is referred to as specific heat. 

Figure 1 presents the specific heat of amorphous and semi crystalline unfilled polymers. With increasing temperature the specific heat of both amorphous and semi crystalline polymers is increasing.


Figure 1: Specific heat capacity Cp as a function of temperature of amorphous and semi crystalline unfilled polymers.

There are several calculations in polymer engineering where the specific heat value of a certain polymer is needed: 

-calculation of the pressure drop along the gate or runner of an injection mould 

-dimensioning extrusion dies

-thermal design of moulds

-predicting the flow length of spiral melt flows

-polymer material selection for thermal management applications (thermal diffusivity)

Here you can find further design property data of various polymers for your part design and material selection. 

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Herwig Juster

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