Wednesday 17 August 2022

Plastic Multipoint Design Data - CLTE of Polymers as a Function of Temperature

Hello and welcome back to a new post. Today we continue with polymer property data as a function of time. Multipoint data play a key role during material selection and part design. Properties over a temperature range are especially interesting for us part designers. 

In a previous post we discussed the Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (CLTE) of unfilled and filled polymers at room temperature (20°C). Here you can find the post and the data

CLTE of unfilled polymers as a function of temperature

The Figure 1 below shows the CLTE values of amorphous and semi crystalline unfilled polymers. With increasing temperatures we see higher thermal expansion due to the easier movement of the polymer chains. It is important to check the CLTE of your selected material at operating temperature too. This will avoid unexpected part failures. Also, if metal overmoulding is done, such a check is in particular important. 

Figure 1: CLTE of unfilled polymers as a function of temperature

Here you can find further design property data of various polymers for your part design and material selection. 

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