Monday 8 August 2022

Plastic Multipoint Part Design Data - Thermal Conductivity of Polymers as a Function of Temperature

 Hello and welcome to a new blog post. Today we discuss the thermal conductivity of amorphous and semi-crystalline polymers (unfilled; only the polymer resin) as a function of temperature.

The importance of multi-point data

Multipoint data of different polymer and polymer compound properties prevail information which would otherwise may be overlooked during material selection and product design. 

In other posts we discussed multi-point data such as the DMA results of engineering and high performance polymers. Multi-point data are important for material selection since it has a lot to do with thinking in relationships of time-dependency and temperature-dependency behaviors. Graphically such behaviors can be better accessed. Single point data can lead to misjudgment and negatively impact the material selection process.

Thermal conductivity of polymers was already several times topic on this blog: 

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However, in those posts thermal conductivity mostly was discussed as a value estimated at one single temperature. Now we look how the thermal conductivity changes in a temperature range of -150°C and up to 150°C. There is no linear behavior of the different polymers in this temperature range. 

Amorphous polymers: thermal conductivity as function of temperature

Amorphous polymers: thermal conductivity as function of temperature

Semi-crystalline polymers: thermal conductivity as function of temperature

Semi-crystalline polymers: thermal conductivity as function of temperature

Here you can find further design property data of various polymers for your part design and material selection. 

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