Tuesday 15 November 2022

Design Properties for Engineers: Chemical Resistance of Plastics - An Overview for Material Selection

Hello and welcome to a new post in which we discuss the chemical resistance of commodity and engineering polymers. High performance polymers we discuss in this post here.

Chemical Resistance of Plastics

In general, the chemical resistance of polymers towards certain chemical compounds can be estimated at different temperatures and times. Usual tests are conducted at room temperature for 30 days [1]. In material selection, the preparation phase is a key success element. During this phase it is important to collect as much information on environmental conditions as possible (consider the trinity of thermal, chemicals and time). 

Table 1 supports you in this phase. The chemical resistance of selected commodity and engineering plastics was tested and compared to each other. It can be a first indication, however your specific grade must be checked again towards the chemical it will be exposed to in the final application. Most material suppliers have already done extensive testing to make things faster and easier for you. 

Table 1: Chemical Resistance of Plastics - An Overview for Material Selection

Also, I made a short training video on this topic: 

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[1] https://www.buerkle.de/files_pdf/wissenswertes/technology_properties_of_plastics_en.pdf

[2] Erwin Baur, Dietmar Drummer, Tim A. Osswald, Natalie Rudolph: Saechtling Kunststoff-Handbuch, Hanser Verlag 

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