Monday 19 October 2020

The 5P’s – Rule of Thumb for Plastic Design and Processing Operations


Rule of Thumb - The 5P's

The 5 P’s, Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance, published by James Baker can help guiding through your daily challenges and projects. 

For example, in injection moulding operations, the 5 P’s ensures that the right material is at the right time available for moulding. The material is also dried according to the material supplier recommendations. Furthermore, the right mould has to be mounted on the machine and the moulding staff is properly briefed on the moulding task ahead of them as well. 

Apart of moulding operations, the 5 P’s can be applied to several other areas such as plastic part design and material selection too. Especially in material selection, identification of all essential requirements of the product and gathering the needed material data helps to prevent poor performance of the product when it is later in use. 

The 5 P’s are an useful leadership tool for other business operations such as project management too. You can apply the 5 P’s for your private activities too (vacations, camping trips, etc...).

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[1] James Baker: Work Hard, Study . . . and Keep Out of Politics!, 2008

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