Monday 24 June 2024

Prejudices Against Plastics - A Break on Innovations? Expert Interview Video Series with Dirk Moses - Technoform & Herwig Juster (Part 3/3)

Part 3 of our expert talk with Dirk Moses from Technoform.

Hello and welcome to this polymer expert interview series with Dirk from Technoform, diving into the world of sustainable polymer solutions. 

It is a three part video series and today we continue with the third and last part:

💡 Prejudices Against Plastics - A Break on Innovations?💡

In this video, we get to the bottom of the prejudices against plastics and reveal the truth behind the negative headlines. 

Dirk and his team at Technoform talk about the unfair bias that the plastics industry has experienced in recent years.

Despite the widespread assumption that plastics are a bad choice for the environment, data reveals a different reality: 'Plastics make up only a tiny fraction of the materials used worldwide and therefore contribute minimally to the carbon footprint. In contrast, other materials such as cement, metal, ceramics and concrete cause the majority of CO2 emissions'.

We discuss the various aspects of the carbon footprint of plastics and emphasize the importance of taking a holistic view of the manufacturing process and the service life of products. We show how plastics can make a positive contribution to the environment through their longevity and efficiency in disposal.

Despite the challenges and the long time it sometimes takes for innovative plastic solutions to be accepted by customers, Dirk and his team are optimistic about the future. 

They have already developed successful plastic solutions for cooling battery systems and see an increased focus on recycling and sustainability as future trends. Also, Dirk sees the future of polymer-based solutions as indispensable, especially in areas such as technical components, packaging and transport as well as construction materials. Plastics offer unique properties such as design flexibility, thermal insulation, mouldability and chemical resistance, which make them irreplaceable for many applications.

Watch the video below or here. The Podcast version can be found here.

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