Thursday 4 July 2024

Polymer Expert Talk with Dr. Julian Lotz, co-founder and CEO BIOVOX GmbH: "For us the main point is having bio-based content in the materials, getting away from fossil resources and use more renewable resources."

Hello and welcome to this  Polymer Expert Talk, together with Dr. Julian Lotz, CEO and co-founder of the medical grade bioplastics start-up BIOVOX GmbH from Germany. 

In this talk we delve into the promising field of bioplastics, particularly within the medical industry. Julian, with his background in mechanical engineering and fiber-reinforced plastics, transitioned his focus towards sustainable, biocompatible materials due to the profound environmental impact of plastic waste in medical settings. Central to the discussion is the classification of bioplastics into bio-based and biodegradable categories, with BIOVOX emphasizing the development of bio-based materials to reduce dependency on fossil resources. 

They have innovated Poly(lactic acid) (PLA)-based compounds. Their versatility allows them to be used in single-use medical items, due to their high stiffness, strength, and transparency, and are expanding their portfolio to include bio-based Polyethylene and other polymers for a range of applications, including packaging and medical devices.

Polymer Expert Talk with Dr. Julian Lotz, CEO and co-founder of BIOVOX, offering medical grade bioplastics.

**Julian Lotz:** "Let's take this knowledge that we have about biocompatibility, risk management, medical devices, and start making plastics better than we have in large quantities already out there." - This quote underscores the foundational aim of BIOVOX: leveraging their expertise in biocompatibility and medical devices to improve the sustainability of plastics used extensively in the medical field.

Julian highlighted BIOVOX’s effort in addressing the ecological footprint of medical products through life-cycle analysis, aiming for solutions that balance performance with sustainability. The conversation also touched upon the concept of a circular economy within the medical field, underscoring the potential for bioplastics to contribute positively given their inherent biocompatibility and the feasibility of circular end-of-life options like incineration within a carbon cycle. A significant part of the discussion also revolved around the misconception about bioplastics’ impact on food supply, with Julian clarifying the minimal land required for bioplastic production and its benefits over conventional crop usage like cotton. 

Our exchange offers a glimpse into the thoughtful consideration BIOVOX puts into developing bioplastic solutions that are not just sustainable, but also practical and scalable, addressing both the environmental impacts and the specific needs of the medical industry.

Watch the whole exchange here or below.

Here you can get in touch with Julian and the BIOVOX team.

Thank you Julian and the whole BIOVOX team for this great exchange!

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