Monday 17 June 2024

Sustainable Plastics Solutions For The Automotive Sector - Expert Interview Video Series with Dirk Moses - Technoform & Herwig Juster (Part 2/3)

Expert Interview with Dirk from Technoform - part 2: sustainable plastics solutions for automotive

Hello and welcome to the second part of our expert Interview with Dirk from Technoform.

Here you can check out part 1: Plastics & Sustainability - A Contradiction?

The automotive industry offers enormous potential for the use of high-performance polymers in the context of sustainability. Dirk uses an example to explain how plastic components enable the optimisation of battery packs for high-voltage batteries and how plastics enable the effective decoupling of components.

However it is not just the automotive industry that benefits from the advantages of plastics technology. Additionally, we discuss how high-performance polymers such as Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) can be used in the treatment of corrosive liquids and gases to save considerable amounts of CO2. These polymers not only offer a long service life, but also other advantages along the value chain, such as lower weight and easier assembly.

Dirk Moses (Technoform) and Herwig Juster discussing the application of thermally conductive PPS for corrosive liquid treatment.

Another topic we discuss is the replacement of metals with plastics. While metals remain indispensable, there are applications in which plastics can be an efficient alternative.

For example, recycled plastics can replace metals in certain applications and at the same time create added value by utilizing the benefits of plastics technology.

Immerse yourself with us in the world of sustainable plastics innovations and discover how Technoform and other companies are helping to shape a greener future. 

Watch the interview now: 

Stay tuned for the last episode:

- Prejudices about plastics - a brake on innovation?

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