Thursday 13 June 2024

Plastics & Sustainability - A Contradiction? Expert Interview Video Series with Dirk Moses - Technoform & Herwig Juster (Part 1/3)

Expert interview with Dirk Moses from Technoform: Plastics & Sustainability - a contradiction?

Hello and welcome to this polymer expert interview series diving into the world of sustainable polymer solutions. It is a three part video series and today we start with our first video:

🌱 Plastics & sustainability - a contradiction? 🌱

I visited Technoform in Lohfelden, Germany to explore the link between plastics & sustainability. In this video I find out how Technoform has been researching sustainable solutions since 2015, from the use of renewable resources to the introduction of innovative separation technologies. Dirk Moses and his team are setting standards, from overcoming skepticism about bio-based materials to making effective use of production waste.

Since the Sustainable Development Goals were set in 2015, Technoform, solution provider for customized plastic profiles, has been exploring measures to enable sustainable plastic solutions. 

From the use of renewable resources to the introduction of innovative separation technologies along the value chain.

We learn how Technoform has tackled the challenges of the thermoplastic market, from initial scepticism towards bio-based materials to the effective use of production waste and the development of single-variety recycling methods. These strategies not only have an environmental impact, but also contribute to the quality of the products.

Dirk Moses and his team are committed to avoiding production waste and are working on solutions to save resources and reduce environmental impact. 

By utilizing post-industrial plastics and calculating the CO2 equivalents of their raw materials, they are leading the way in the industry and helping to shape a sustainable future.

Get an insight into the world of plastics innovation and discover how Technoform and companies can make an important contribution to conserving our resources while improving the quality of their products.

Watch the video now here:

Stay tuned for two more episodes:

- Sustainable plastics solutions for the automotive sector

- Prejudices about plastics - a brake on innovation?

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