Monday 17 January 2022

Chemical and Plastics Industry: What Are Some Major Trends To Watch Out For In 2022?


Trends of Chemical and Plastics Industry in 2022

Today in this blog post we look at what is ahead in 2022 in terms of trends to watch. The chemical and plastics industry is on the path of recovery in 2022. However, clouds in the shape of rising energy and raw material prices, inflationary pressures, spread of Omicron (Covid-19) and supply chain disruptions continue to darken the sky.

To counterbalance the energy and raw material costs, companies will probably lower their capital investments and expansions. The global GDP growth is expected to be 4.3% in 2022 (5.6 % in 2021).

Major transitions of the global economy

Business leaders have to steer their companies through several transitions this year. One is the transition from a pandemic to endemic Covid-19. Another is the switch of central banks from fiscal stimulus policy to restraint policy expressed due to raising in interest rates and stricter credit conditions.  In addition, the transition from a hydrocarbon-based energy to a renewable energy supply will be a challenge for major corporations.

Long-term trends which push demand in plastics and specialty materials (2020-2030)

The switch from internal combustion engine cars to alternative powertrains such as electro and hydrogen will bring new plastic compounds to the market covering new requirements such as electromagnetic shielding and stringent flame ratings, together with sustainability aims.

Robotics and automation will further push the borders in polymer processing, allowing to manufacture complex injection moulding parts.

3D-printing continues to be improved, both from hardware as well as from material side (heat transfer materials).

In addition, fluoropolymers can be seen as an enabler to support the realization of the digital megatrends such as  the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), 5G standard, AI, blockchain and the Metaverse (check out this post with more details).

Other trends which shape the plastics industry are the challenge to speed up advanced recycling and the circular economy, together with creating a sustainable future.

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