Tuesday 14 February 2023

Plastic Multipoint Design Data: Tensile Stress and Strain of Thermoplastics as a Function of Temperature

Hello and welcome to this blog post. Today we discuss the tensile stress and strain data of selected thermoplastics as a function of temperature. 

Why  are multi-point data important in polymer material selection and part design?

Multipoint data of different polymer and polymer compound properties prevail information which would otherwise may be overlooked during material selection and product design. Most property data shown on technical data sheets are single-point values at failure level. Most of the time only a single temperature is covered (room temperature). This is useful for comparing different material data sheets however for part design it has its limitations. Multipoint data help to think in time-dependency and temperature-dependency behaviors. Graphically such behaviors can be better accessed. Single point data can lead to misjudgment.

Stress-strain curves of thermoplastics as function of temperature

In Figure 1 the results of stress experiments and in Figure 2 the strain results of different amorphous and semi-crystalline plastics are shown. Following grades were analyzed: 

PBT: Ultradur® B 2550 FC

PA 6-GF30: Ultramid® B3EG6

PC: Makrolon® 2205

PA 6: Ultramid® B3K


PPS-GF40: TEDUR L 9107-1

POM: Ultraform® H4320 Q600 

PA 12-GF23: VESTAMID® L1833

Figure 1: Stress vs. temperature of thermoplastics

Figure 2: Strain vs. temperature of thermoplastics

Through the increase in temperature, mobility of the polymer chains is increasing and some brittle polymers turn into more tougher polymers allowing them to withstand certain loads. 


DMA and stress-strain curves used combined are an efficient way to explore part application properties at use temperature. 

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