Monday 24 July 2023

PolyArylAmide (PARA) - Part Marking Codes Following ISO 1874

Hello and welcome to this part marking post for semi-aromatic PolyArylAmides (PARA or MXD6) following the ISO 1874, which established a system for designation of Polyamide thermoplastic materials.

PARA is a high-performance polymer combining several excellent properties such as low water uptake, high modulus levels also after moisture pick up, and best surface among all Polyamides due to its fine crystallisation in the surface regions (even with high glass fiber loadings). During the design phase of your injection mould, question may rise on which part makring code should be used. Here, Table 1 can help you which shows the designations for the most important PARA compounds. 

Table 1: Plastic part marking codes for PARA following ISO 1874

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[1] ISO 1874:2010

[2] Solvay - Ixef Processing Guide

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