Sunday 14 May 2023

Pumping Plastics 2022 - My New Book "Pumping Plastics" is Now Available as Paperback Worldwide on Amazon!


Pumping Plastics 2022 by Herwig Juster

Dear community, 

welcome to this special book update! 

Pumping Plastics is the name of my new book and it contains all the blog posts of 2022.

For instances, this include topics such as :

-Sustainability in the plastics industry

-Guest interviews with innovative material start-ups

-Polymer design properties and multi-point design data

-Plastics additives (three part series)

The book can be read chronologically from month to month, but not necessarily.You can also directly jump to the post(s) of your interest.

As a bonus, the first chapter of my first book "Polymer Material Selection" is included.

I invite you all to have a look and grab a copy.

Enjoy the read! 



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