Tuesday 21 December 2021

Polymer Material Selection Support for E-Mobility [Infographic]

 Hello and welcome to a new infographic on the polymer material selection for electromobility. 

In general, electric cars require new components such as power electronics (inverters, converters), traction motors, high-voltage charges and lithium-ion batteries. This in turn changes the requirement profile of plastics. I discussed the requieremnt changes in this three part series as well as in my EMI shielding posts. In my five part video series I discuss the electrical design properties in detail. 

Below I summarized the material requirements vs. polymeric materials and materials for different operating temperatures for high voltage components. 

Polymer Material Selection Support for  E-Mobility

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[1] Drivers of Electromobility, Yu Bin et al. , Kunststoffe international 2/2020

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