Monday 24 May 2021

Polymer Material Selection For Automotive Applications - Car Interior Applications

Hello and welcome to a new blog post on polymer material selection. This time we focus on the automotive interior applications and the polymer materials used for such applications. 

Why plastics in cars matter?

There are several reason for the utilization of plastics for cars. The main drivers are: 

- weight reduction and fuel economy. 

- design freedom which leads to new approaches in the design of parts (integration of different parts into one assembly).

- minimum part corrosion (increased vehicle lifetime).

- increased vehicle safety.

- possibility of recycling. 

Car Interior Applications

Overall, interior components account for the largest share of plastics in cars. In the following I show you suitable polymer materials for three major interior applications.

Instrument Panel Retainer

Door Module

Back Seat 

I have outlined some more details for each of the above applications in the below video.

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