Monday 7 December 2020

Basics of Plastic Part Failure Evaluation in Injection Moulding

 In this Youtube video we cover the basics of part failure evaluation in injection moulding.

The video is divided into three parts: 1) Types of plastic part failure -Mechanical, thermal, chemical, environmental failures, combined with time 2) Areas of part failure in injection moulding -Premoulding, moulding, postmoulding, and Application (end-use) 3) Failure analysis in injection moulding In injection moulding, problems can occur in one of the four areas: - Raw materials - Additives involved in the material formulation - Injection moulding machine and tool in operation - Process control, settings, and monitoring Furthermore, there are two types of defects in injection moulding: - Moulding defects, occurring during injection moulding (short shots, air entrapment, etc) - Moulded part defects, which are identified after the part was moulded (jetting, weld lines, bubbles, etc). In conclusion, there are several root analysis tools which can be used to identify the problem and develop a solution to solve the moulding problem. Examples are the Pareto chart technique, the 5 Whys, the Fishbone diagram, and the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA). Important is to have a systematic approach which helps to diagnose and solve part issues of the injection molding operation. Greetings and #findoutaboutplastics Herwig

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