Sunday 27 October 2019

My Material Insights From The K Fair 2019

In the past two weeks in October the famous K Fair, the world’s number 1 fair for plastics and rubber took place in Düsseldorf, Germany.
I visited the K fair too and in this blog post I highlight the new material developments and launches of the major plastic manufacturers including new compounds as well.

Let’s start in alphabetic order:

Akro Plastic:
Akro Plastic presented new PPA compounds based on homopolymer 9T (Akromid T9). This 9T based PPA has lower water absorption in comparison with PA 6T.
Furthermore, it shows a better flowability and faster crystallization. In addition, they presented with Akromid B28 LGF40 a long glass fiber product which chemically couples PA6 and PP to a blend which enables better flow compared to pure PA 6. It has a higher conditioned strength compared to PA 6 glass fiber 50% compound.

BASF highlighted aside of electrification of automotive industry also the fuel cell powertrain as a future mobility concept. They showed a media distribution system which was a joint project with Joma-Polytec GmbH and Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell GmbH. BASF developed two tailor-made PA 6.6, i.e. Ultramid® A3WG10 CR and A3EG7 EQ. These grades are used now to make anode- and cathode-end plates in the fuel cell stack. Here, the purity of the material is extremely important, especially in the media distribution plate and water separator unit, where materials are exposed to cooling water, air and hydrogen.
Apart of fuel cells, BASF showed their advances in the so-called ChemCycling project, which aims at utilizing the pyrolysis oil obtained from mixed plastic waste for new polymer generation. As a result, they have now Ultramid® B3WG6 Cycled Black 00564. The latter can be used for front-end carriers in automotive.

Borealis introduced their new plastics recycling technology called Borcycle. The major grade named Borcycle MF1981SY, filled with 10% talc, contains more than 80% recycled polyolefins. Visible appliance applications are in the focus of use for this material. Borcycle claims to fulfill the stiffness and impact requirements needed in such applications.

DSM launched bio-based grades of their Arnitel® thermoplastic copolyester (TPC) and Stanyl® PA 4.6, which use 25-42% bio-based feedstock. Bio-based Stanyl® grades have already the globally recognized sustainability certification ISCC Plus.
Furthermore, DSM offers now Akulon RePurposed PA. This polyamide contains recycled nylon-based fish nets.

DuPont presented their Zytel long chain nylon 6.12 for blow moulded cooling pipes. It is a technology that can be transferred to electric cars and gains traction there.

EMS Chemie:
EMS presented their new grades of Grilamid TR: XE 11248 and FE 11292. These are both transparent high-performance polyamides especially developed for the medical application market. Grilamid TR XE 11248 has high flexural strength and improved alcohol resistance. Grilamid TR FE 11292 can be sterilized with steam over hundreds of cycles and can be used in combination with silicon (LSR).
Further highlight was the use of Grivory G5V and Grivory HT6 for advanced metal replacement. Grivory HT6 shows a 50% higher stiffness at 140°C compared to standard PPA.

Evonik increases their Vestamid® PA 12 capacity by over 50% between 2019 and 2021, which shows the commitment to capture more market, especially in the automotive tubing market.

Lanxess communicated that it is collaborating with artificial intelligence company Citrine Information to apply AI in the development of customized plastics. They see glass fiber sizing customization a way to cut down the time to market. For high voltage connectors in electric vehicles, Lanxess offers now UL yellow card certified orange (RAL 2003) PA and PBT compounds.

Polyplastics presented their new Durafide® PPS grade entitled 6150T73 which has outstanding heat shock resistance and high mouldability. This grade addresses the need of having resins which can be used for overmoulding metal parts in automotive power control units (mainly electric cars) and withstand harsh automotive environments (-40°C/ +150°C). Furthermore, they introduced WW-09, which is a new Duracom® POM grade. It combines high strength with good creep and sliding properties.

Sabic unveiled their Lexan® polycarbonate based on certified renewable feedstock. PC is part of their Trucircle circular solution and allows customers to reduce CO2 emissions.

Solvay launched a new high Tg PEEK called Ketaspire® PEEK XT. Solvay belongs to the group of material suppliers bringing a new polymer to the market place. It has exceptional chemical resistance with a 20°C higher glass transition temperature compared to standard PEEK. There are already polyketones which have a similar high Tg, however their chemical resistance is lower than the Ketaspire® XT. The XT portfolio covers neat resins (XT-920), glass fiber reinforced compounds (XT-920 GF30), and carbon-fiber reinforced compounds (XT-920 CF30).
Additionally, Solvay launched a PPA-based unidirectional (UD) thermoplastic carbon fiber-based tape to accelerate thermoplastic composite developments in automotive industry.
Their third launch was the new long glass fiber portfolio called Xencor™, which covers PA 6.6., HPPA, PPA, PARA, and PPS long glass fiber products. Xencor™ polyarylamide PARA was selected by Monaco-based Stajvelo to make an all-polymer electric bike. The material fulfills the high structural, mechanical, and aesthetic requirements.

Victrex presented their Victrex HPG™ Gear solutions for powertrain applications. These have good NVH and durability performance. In addition, they announced that their manufacturing facility in Grantsburg, USA, received the IATF 16949 certification. This certification proves that all capabilities are in line with Tier-1 and OEM needs.

What were your experiences on the K fair?

Thanks for reading & till next time!

Herwig Juster

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