Tuesday 24 May 2016

Polypropylene Roller Coaster

In this blog post I present you an infographic about the polypropylene (PP) market. The reason for presenting this information is the growing surplus of PP material and its weak demand. These factors have led to a price drop that started in May 2015.

PP is, spoken for Europe, a multipurpose material for the automotive industry (ahead of PUR and PA). Furthermore, it is heavily used in electronics (ahead of PUR and PS) and is the second most important packaging material (right after PE and slightly ahead of PET). Finally, PP is also important in construction where it ranks behind PVC, PE, EPS and PUR in the fifth place.

I structured the infographic on the basis of 5 facts. These will give you a better feeling about the current situation and you can use this information for your further decision making in plastics industry:

  • Fact 1: Margin C3 and PP
  • Fact 2: The production
  • Fact 3: The manufacturers
  • Fact 4: The top-10 countries
  • Fact 5: The capacities

Have a look for yourself!

Enjoy and till next time.



Literature: kiweb.de; polyglobe.net

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